Belvedere  Delectable’s specializes in gourmet home-style cooking. Owner,  Stephanie Whitmoyer started the company with her first and most famous; a  family inspired baked bean recipe.  BD’s official launch debuted the beans first and has now add several more side dishes as well as a trio of cookie dough deserts. Stay tuned....for eve more additions!


behind the beans

Growing up, Stephanie's family had their own way of making baked beans for the holidays. They used a popular brand off the shelf but ended up adding their own flare. Fast forward to today, instead of adding to someone else's recipe that wasn’t quite right, she decided to start from scratch. In that process, she developed a baked bean that is frankly out of this world!!

After revealing her decadent recipe to friends and family they would hug their bowls as if it were their last meal. There were claims that some might try to sneak in her kitchen. She heard them described as candied beans and magic beans! It was at that moment Stephanie realized she had made something far more special than she had imagined.


One  might ask what could possibly be so different about serving up some  baked beans? There is an old saying that goes; "You don't know beans  about beans" that is until you've tried these beans!

What they are not

  • Your typical baked beans 
  • Tomato based pork and beans
  • Anything close to any other brand 

What they are...MAGICAL!

Although  they are brown sugar based, they surely have no problem grabbing the  spotlight because of the candied caramelization process that makes them  taste so different. 

Behind the Butler


 As special as we believe these beans  to be, we only want the best of the best.  Someone that is distinguished and well refined. A Mr. Belvedere type if you will.  Guess that went out the window. Although looking very dapper,  you will notice a large smudge on the Butlers face. After closer inspection, it is very apparent  he snuck some for himself.  

...the feel, the smell, the taste; pure magic.



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