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 Sharil Bowens

“I had the most delicious time at the launch / tasting party for Belvedere Delectables. It was the most hoity-toity, tasty, fancy, fun thing I have ever done – LOL

Much love & success to the beautiful & talented Stephanie Whitmoyer. I praise you to the highest for your gifts as a chef & an entrepreneur, but honor you more & more for your vision & hope to help those with MS (including yourself) through Belvedere Believes. 

Everything was delicious. Stephanie's gourmet baked beans (a melding of glazed pineapple, smoky bacon & maple which is pure genius), "mashers" & sweet mashers which reminded me of my grandmother, but with pecans & marshmallows. 

Then through her collaboration with CJ Vizier & Shelby Chandler we were gifted with rich, smooth, creamy versions of tomato basil & summer squash soups, spicy chicken white bean chili, white cheddar macaroni & cheese with artichoke and spinach, golden macaroni topped with bacon jelly, candied carrots (imagine the flavors of a loaded sweet potato put upon baby carrots in the nicest way) and the cutest pot of sweet, chocolatey "dirt" I've ever tasted. 

When you eat well, you savor your food with your eyes 1st, through the presentation of the dish, then your nose through the aromas & bouquet of how the ingredients are blended and then by taste and how the texture of the dish greets your tongue. Stephanie, Shelby & CJ put pure delight in all the details and I thoroughly enjoyed all of it”.

Joanne and Bob Whitmoyer

-Your food is delicious!! Thanks for dinner & letting us try your food.  Your going to do great with it.
-Great meal tonight, glad we got to try all your new delicious food offerings!! Yum yum!

CJ Vizier

The food is amazing! And the owners are even more amazing!! This is going to take off... in fact, already has👏👏👏

Anne Sabol

Stephanie Whitmoyer the beans are AMAZING! I❤them! Putting in an order soon.

Lynn Barnett

These were incredible... Thanks for letting me try. I'm sure I'll be ordering more in the future. #belvederebakedbeans #AMAZING

Shelly Norden

"I love what you are doing and want to help you.  I love them and I'm a huge fan of maple"!

Jennifer Godfrey Redding

"Cool!! Interesting concept. I'd be curious and buy it"!!

Michele Stalnaker-Shelton

Congrats!!  The packaging is AMAZING!! GOOD JOB TO YOU!!

Kim Reasonover

Wow! love it! Your's really stands out! I would buy yours.  So proud of you!